toby’s party

Today we held Toby’s second party for his fourth birthday. Last week we had some non-daycare friends over to the house – in retrospect maybe we should have postponed because Toby had just come down with a cold and wasn’t on sparkling form but we had a pretty good time anyway.

Today was a bit more of an outing and was a joint party with Toby’s friend Patrick, who is just two weeks younger than him. We decided on a bowling party so went to the Park Tavern which is pretty decent for these kinds of things – I organized a work thing there last year for about 100 people which went well, and we’d been to another kid’s party there a few months ago. They have a nice little deal for children’s parties – the kids had a great time bowling too. Actually, being a grownup at that point was kind of stressful – all the little people insisted on not letting go of their own personal bowling balls, so would carry them around or stand at the ball rack holding on to the ball running the risk of getting their fingers crushed (actually that only happened once) or putting their heads into the ball return slot waiting for a ball to come back after a frame. The play was made easier for small kids – the place has ramps they can roll the ball down so they don’t have to actually bowl, and bumpers to stop the ball going into the gutters. With this help Toby got the high score of the day – an even 100.

We had arranged a delicious cake from a great local bakery where they can print any image you like onto rice paper to have on the cake. My brother Richard had helped us out by photoshopping Patrick and Toby into a picture – we used this for the cake, the invitations and I also made them a couple of t-shirts to wear for the party (click on the picture to embiggen):


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