non discrimination

I read with approval today that Tony Blair has firmly stated that faith based groups will not get an exemption from anti-discrimination laws, specifically as they relate to adoption by gay couples in the UK. I’m obviously not a gay person living in the UK, but it seems to me that for all their flaws the Blair government have done more to legislate for the rights for gay people in Britain than any previous government. I’m sure there’s still a long way to go, but the view from afar seems like it’s a lot better than ten years ago, and certainly than the situation in America.

I also appreciate that he sent a strong message to the Catholic Church (and an implicit slap-down to the UK Anglican Church’s bizarre support of the Catholics here). I see no reason why a group (faith-based or otherwise) should have an exemption from anti-discrimination laws of a country. If the Church or, say, a business wanted an exemption from tax laws or labor laws or whatever we wouldn’t stand for it would we? So why should they have gotten an exemption in this case?

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