Last night I was about to go upstairs to bed when I noticed Toby’s daycare class activities calendar on the fridge, specifically that today was going to be sharing snack day. There have been lots of sharing activities and learning about being good friends all week due to Monday having been Martin Luther King Day. So for the snacks I checked in the kitchen cupboard to see if there was anything appropriate (peanut-free due to a couple of kids’ allergies, unopened packaging and reasonably snackish). The only thing I could see which met those criteria was a big jar of baby pickles, which I’m sure Toby would have loved but he’d be marked as the weird kid who brought pickles to school.

So I was a good dad and went out at 11:30pm in the 18 degree cold to the 24 hour grocery store and picked up a couple of packets of cookies, which apparently were very well received today.

Speaking of MLK, tonight when we were discussing the snacks and the legacy of Martin Luther King, we reminded Toby that King famously had a dream, and asked Toby if he also has a dream. He said, “Of course, I have dreams ALL the time.”

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