Yesterday afternoon/evening we had a fun cultural experience. One of my good friends at work, who is originally from India and has been here just a few weeks longer than me, invited us to their son’s Mundan Sanskar – Churakaram Sanskar (Hair Cutting) ceremony. I understand that the details are to do with the fact that their son had potential for bad karma due to previous incarnations, and as he has reached about two and a half years old it was time to cut off all his hair to remove this previous bad karma. My friend came over with his son during the meal to tell us this – his son was quite tired after the long day of ceremonies and looked a little surprised to suddenly have a shaved head, but pretty soon was racing around with the other kids. My friend and his wife were very proud and happy – he’s somewhat formal in the way he speaks and I liked that while he was describing the ceremonies he underscored that it was logical and scientific.

We unfortunately couldn’t make it for the main ceremony, but got to the celebration afterwards, where there was a big meal with lots of their friends and family. We appeared to be the only non-Indian people there, so felt quite honored to have been invited, and we very much enjoyed ourselves. Toby particularly enjoyed the food, and was rapt when a couple of the girls did some traditional dancing – he was spellbound at their colorful clothing and the graceful movements of the dancing.

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