mickey’s diner

On Saturday evening we went to downtown St. Paul for Toby’s first exhibition opening party – the Minnesota Children’s Museum were having a party for museum members to celebrate the opening of their new Bob the Builder exhibition. I think he (Toby) quite enjoyed it – he loves the museum anyway but the BtB room was so mobbed that I’m not sure he enjoyed that particular piece so much.

About 7 o’clock we got pretty hungry, so went around the corner to historic Mickey’s Diner, which is a diner in a train diner car situated in downtown St. Paul (worth reading the link to get more background and historic info). Certainly not gourmet food but very good for what it is, including real hand-cut fries, the best I’ve had in ages – they clearly actually were made of real potatoes – what a concept!

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  1. Paul says:

    I always meant to go there, but never did. I guess I have a reason to return!

  2. Robin (bro) says:

    Awesome – definately need to go there next time I’m over. Preferably at 4 in the morning…

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