mint cat

Our ginger cat, Scout, has a bit of an obsession – he goes totally crazy for mint. We found out about this in early summer when we had to chase away a neighborhood cat who was rolling around in one of the mint plants in our front yard – the cat was so stoned on the mint aroma that it didn’t hear us when we were yelling at it to go away and only left when we poured water on it. We found out how interested Scout was when I took in two small leaves to see what he would think of them – he spent the next hour rolling on them and being goofy, even drooling (I didn’t know cats could drool) so that his chest fur was soaking wet.

Obviously now with it being winter (albeit mild) he’s not getting his mint fix. Until a week ago. Emma had finished drinking a cup of mint tea and had left the cup and tea bag on the living room floor. I noticed that Scout pretty quickly found it, pulled the tea bag out of the cup and started licking and chewing on the bag, purring loudly the whole time.

A couple of days later Emma made herself another cup of mint tea, took it through to the living room then went back to the kitchen to get something else. In a trice Scout had tipped the tea on to the floor and was dragging the tea bag around, very happy with himself. Fortunately the tea didn’t stain the rug but even after soaking it up the rug still obviously has some kind of mint-narcotic in it because Scout’s been spending time rolling on the formerly damp patch, purring loudly and getting wasted.

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  1. Dolf/ Dad says:

    Great story! In the old days in Aberdeen the cats had catmint cloth “mice” as toys and also used to lie on the catmint plants in the garden for hours

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