80s rock

Just watched a present my brother Richard gave me – the DVD of Yes 9012Live, from 1985. Very much of its time too – crazy 80s outfits and over the top (yet impressive) musicianship. It’s made extra-white by the fact that it was filmed in Edmonton, Canada.

The DVD itself is pretty interesting – I hadn’t realized that Stephen Soderberg was the director of the concert film, and the DVD includes his own cut of the concert which strips out all the 80s special effects which were added. You can see the introduction with the extras here. There are also interviews and a bit of a Spinal Tap style backstage documentary with lots of Soderberg hand-held footage (the Tap thing isn’t helped by the fact that guitarist Trevor Rabin looks and acts so much like Nigel Tufnel). Here’s a clip from a different concert, same year.

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