A very pleasant christmas thanks, we had a great couple of days. Lots of singing, seeing as yesterday was a Sunday, so I had to do the morning service, then the midnight service (obviously later in the day), then the morning service again today. Music went pretty well – one of the nice things about St. Mark’s is that the congregation sings out, so the carols were pretty nice.

Last night our friends Kristi, Silje and Kjetil came over for dinner. I cooked a great big hunk of beef, which came out extremely well, plus some fingerling potatoes and caramelized shallots. We all ate far too much, but still made space for Emma’s excellent white chocolate cheesecake, and Kristi’s pecan pie and pudding.

Today we’ve just had a pretty mellow time, which has been perfect. At church this morning there was no childcare, so Emma took Silje and Toby along in the procession. It was totally cute seeing two little people in red robes carrying jingly bells, and the kids really enjoyed it. Back home we opened our presents and got some great things. One of the great things about Toby is that his enjoyment of presents is in no way proportional to the dollar value, so he is as excited about getting an apron for baking or a small car as he is about the totally great Playmobil pirate ship. I enjoyed the pirate ship myself because it took about two hours of assembly – good to unlock my inner child for a bit.

I should mention also that the Santa thing went pretty well – Toby was so pleased to see that Santa had eaten the cookies and drunk his milk, and that Rudolph had eaten the four brussels sprouts, that Emma got all emotional. Again Toby was really pleased with the simple things, including Lightning McQueen chapstick (he was initially just as excited when he thought it was a pack of two batteries) and another couple of pairs of dinosaur pajamas to add to his collection.

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  1. Later in the evening we showed Toby a couple of shorts from the Tom and Jerry DVD I got him. He totally loved it – the humor of someone getting splatted in the face seems to hit his sense of humor perfectly.

  2. Richard says:

    I didn’t know that Rudolph liked sprouts. I’ve always assumed he preferred carots. Have I been feeding him the wrong thing all this time?

  3. I think Rudolph is fine with whatever you give him, as long as it’s a vegetable. The sprouts were because we didn’t have carrots.

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