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Welcome to my blog on WordPress! After a lot of messing around and feeling messed around by blogger, I’ve decided to make the switch and host my own blog. The blogger thing was a bit of a shame – I’ve been with them over five years but after their strange move through beta to their new version I was feeling a bit jilted. They offer lots of new features, but only to people who have their blogs on a Google server (blogspot being one) – people like me who publish via FTP don’t get the new stuff.

So it’s been an interesting move – the setup was actually really easy, but the import was hard. WordPress has an automated importer from blogger, but it doesn’t yet work for the new version. So I’ve just spent the last couple of hours going through this somewhat geeky kludge to get everything working. Seems to be OK so far, I hope.

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  1. Now, just over a month later, there is an import tool for the new blogger

  2. [...] non-support of blogs hosted on non-Google servers. When I got WordPress up and running, importing my Blogger blog was quite a chore. Today I saw that an import tool for New Blogger has been released – I’m [...]

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