days off

Due to a rather extreme amount of overtime in the last few weeks, I’ve taken yesterday (Maundy Thursday) and today (Good Friday) off. And it’s fantastic – I could get used to this. I spent a fair amount of yesterday morning filing our taxes, and today I’ve been doing crosswords. Not that I spend all of my days off in front of the computer – the weather’s been great these couple of days so I was out yesterday afternoon and am planning a trip somewhere today also.

However, that’s as long as I don’t get too sidetracked by SodaPlay. I saw a thing about it in Time magazine, and decided to give it a try. Basically you can build or play with “animals” which you construct using mass, muscles and springs. This gives you a little line-creature which you can have walk around your screen, you can pick it up, change the gravity and friction of its world etc. Some of them can be really cute and you feel like a bit of a meany for shaking it around, but it’s only a computer… Anyway, I recommend that you try it out if you have the rest of the day free.

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