Oh yes, something else I did yesterday was fill out an inordinate amount of rebate forms for various products. I never saw this in Britain, but tons of places here seem to do it. For example with the tax program, TaxCut Deluxe, I had a rebate for part of the cost of the software, also for the State filing edition and for e-filing the taxes, with each rebate request going to a different place. The other rebates are for Emma’s and my new mobile phones. With a deal from, we get the whole cost of the phone back – $50 for each phone from LetsTalk, and $50 for each phone from AT&T. Pretty good deal. However, each of the rebates takes up to 10 weeks to be processed and returned. Hopefully this blog post will remind me when I’ve sent the requests to each place, and I’ll let you know when they arrive.

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