election round-up

Sort of a round-up, maybe a collection of random thoughts:

On the whole, Minnesota went very Democrat. Our pick for senator, Amy Klobuchar, won in something of a landslide (and is the first elected woman Senator from this state). We elected Congress’s first ever Muslim representative. The state house and senate, after being Republican three years ago, are now both solidly Democrat. Our Republican governor won by a squeak, but that’s probably a good thing for checks and balances. We did elect a raving loony fundamentalist, literalist Christian, creationist, anti-gay Republican congresswoman, but my take is that this isn’t so bad, because she’ll now be out of Minnesota most of the time, and will be trying to make noise in a big town as a member of a national minority party, so she won’t be around to try to push for state constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage.

I was shocked to see that our neighboring state, Wisconsin, passed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, even as they elected a Democrat governor and senator.

An amusingly sad stat of the night – we noticed that in one state-level race, with 100% of the ballot counted one candidate had no votes at all. This means that for some reason he didn’t even vote for himself, and nor did his mom. Is this maybe how Bush is feeling today? Breaking news is that Donald Rumsfeld has finally resigned:

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