sofa, so close

We’ve got a lot of guests arriving over the next week or two and are trying to work out where we are going to put them. Seeing as he hasn’t worn diapers for ages we decided that Toby doesn’t need a changing table in his room any more, so we shifted that up to the attic and got a cheap but nice sofa bed from IKEA, which I set up last night. He’s very excited about having his own sofa in his room, he thinks it’s a really big boy thing to have. After I’d finished it I had to go off and do something – Toby closed the door after me, then sat on his sofa for a while to sing some songs to himself.

Emma had a less positive experience with the sofa though – she put Toby to bed last night and was trying to persuade him to stay in his bed all night (which has been a bit challenging lately) so she said that he should stay in his room to make sure his sofa doesn’t run away. Big mistake – Toby’s eyes went wide and he said, “But I don’t want my sofa to be moving around.” He was reassured that sofas don’t in fact move around but he said, “I think the sofa should go back in its box now.” Eventually Emma had to put some of his animal toys on the sofa to make sure that it wouldn’t move around in the night. Fortunately he did sleep all night, but we were worried for a bit.

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