not so happy

I wish I had read The Family Filmgoer before taking Toby to see Happy Feet over the weekend. It’s strange – it was marketed as a very fun musical about dancing penguins, and what almost-4-year-old doesn’t love singing and dancing penguins? However as the review states the movie dramatically changes course 2/3rds or so of the way through and becomes dark, scary and kind of nonsensical (dancing penguin tries to chase a fishing trawler, gets lost, gets washed up on some beach, put in the zoo and confused by mindless other penguins, dances for the people at the zoo who send him back to the other penguins, they all dance for some guys in a helicopter, the World Community stop all fishing around the South Pole). So, a bit of a waste of time.

Much more fun was dinner last night – we took him to a Japanese Restaurant where the chefs cook the food on a hot plate at your table, juggling cooking implements and flicking food around. This combined Toby’s two great loves of Asian food and slapstick humor – perfect. He did really well using child-modified chopsticks too.

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