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Following a recommendation from Lifehacker, I’ve been trying out the new Google Reader instead of my trusty bloglines to read blog and other rss feeds. So far so good. Just need to work out if it’ll handle the blogroll feature which bloglines does so nicely – you can see the results on the bar at the left of this page.

Zoomed down to Austin, TX this evening for a couple of days after a really nice day with Emma and Toby. I was upgraded to first class again. Much better food than last time – instead of dry chicken and cruncy rice it was garlicky beef pot roast which was really tasty and the best plane food I’ve had in ages, except maybe for some great stuff on Jet Airways in India. It was the first time I’ve ever been the first person off the plane – it was a bit disorienting not to have anyone to follow. The airport of course had canned country music. Now I’m in my hotel room I’m listening to some African music show on the local public radio station which is kind of fun.

On the plane I was reading a book Emma used for her last course, “The Worldly Philosophers” by Robert L. Heilbroner. Really interesting summary of the thinking of the major economists. I’m almost at the end of the second chapter – the first was about the western world in pre-economic-theory times, and now it’s Adam Smith. It reminded me of being at Glasgow University like the great man himself, although he didn’t have to contend with the monstrously appalling early 70s building which was named after him. The only thing that has grated on me in the book is overuse, or rather incorrect use, of the phrase “in a word”. On the last page of chapter one, a paragraph ends “In a word, the time for the economists had arrived.” Furthermore the chapter ends at the bottom of that same page with “In a word, a new vision had come into being.”

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