days off

My dad was supposed to be coming over from England this weekend, but has had to postpone. Fortunately he found a really good deal for over Thanksgiving, and my brother David will be coming too, so something to look forward to.

In the meantime I decided to take off the two days I’d booked, because I just feel a bit overdue for some time off work. Yesterday I didn’t do a whole lot – went out for coffee and discussion in the morning, did some housework and cooking in the afternoon. This morning I spent almost three hours painting Emma’s and my room following the expansion of our closet – I think the wood trim will need one more coat of paint, but that should be it.

Due to the cold weather (or maybe just because they’re cats) Scout and Nessie spent pretty much all day yesteday cuddled up together, sleeping. When they were awake I think they were a little confused that I was here, mostly because when i get home from work it means it’s dinner time for them. Since I came down from painting today Scout has been following me around, looking at me pointedly and purring loudly, which I think is supposed to get me to feed him.

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