This morning I took Toby for his first ever big boy haircut. We went to Kid’s Hair, which as you might expect is rather specialized in this area. Toby was totally great, really confident and calm, helped somewhat by the fact that they have little TVs at each hairdresser’s work area so he could watch Winnie The Pooh. He looked totally cute in his little chair with just his head poking out through the top of the sheet the hairdresser attached round his collar – the sheet went right down to his feet. He didn’t wriggle at all and commented several times that it didn’t hurt a bit, and agreed earnestly with the hairdresser that he would indeed look very handsome. I was very proud of him.

Tonight while we were having dinner we noticed that he was stretching up his arms and looking rather sad at the same time. Emma asked what he was doing: “I’m trying to get big”. Bless. We asked him why and he said it was so that he could run faster. Emma told him that he could already pretty much run faster than her, which cheered him up – he said that Daddy can run even faster than he can but that’s OK because that’s the way things work. So he was happier after that.

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