contrasts in sportsmanship

We’re really proud of Toby tonight. He had his fifth swimming lesson, and this week it was assessments for who should go up to the next class (here’s a listing of the very beginner levels – Toby is currently in the Little 1 class). The first couple of weeks he was clearly uncertain about being in the water but last week something clicked for him and his classmates, and they’re zooming around, going underwater, swimming with a lot less help from their teachers (still using a float though) and full of confidence. It’s great to see and he’s obviously pleased. So he has been approved to go to the next class in the new year.

On the other hand, I’m currently watching the Minnesota Vikings getting hammered by the New England Patriots. The Vikes are all over the place, and generally disorganized. Considering how much these guys get paid you’d think they should be doing better. Also a New England defense bloke weighing over 325 pounds just headbutted the Vikings quarterback in the back – not sporting.

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