Toby was much more into Hallowe’en than last year – he was happy to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume to school after only a little cajoling, and wore it all day. Tonight we went out trick or treating which was a lot more fun than I expected especially as we know quite a few of our neighbors now. Toby didn’t really say “trick or treat” at the houses but told us it was OK because he was saying thank you so nicely, which he actually was.

When we got home I think most of the kids had been past already because we only got four or five people coming round, which means we have about two tons of candy left over. The last kids to come round were really funny – they had big wigs on and said in fairly passable accents “Hello, we’re from Scotland”. Strange. I told them that I in fact am from Scotland and their dad, who was standing back on the sidewalk just cracked up with laughter. He said he had no idea what the whole thing was with them saying that, but they just got it into their heads and you can’t argue with 8 year olds.

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