ignorance is…

Brace yourself for one of the most ignorant articles about the difference between science and religion ever written. I almost want to apologize for linking to it.

I didn’t manage to find the link on the site (and didn’t want to hang around too long) to log in and post a comment, but here’s roughly what I would have said:

This would be a laughable article if it wasn’t so ignorant (I’m leaving aside the horrific “how long is a light year?” question. Did no editors look at this and try to stop the train wreck?)

It’s hard to no where to begin but I’ll just stick to the paragraph:
“Which is the whole point of this column. So many scientific theories are so incomprehensible to people like me, and so many scientific “facts” are constantly changing, it seems that science itself has become another religion.”

This shows the author’s basic misunderstanding of what science is. Science is pretty much by definition a changing set of rigorously peer reviewed theories backed by evidence and observations. Scientists will suggest and attempt to prove theories based on findings and will then open these theories up for discussion, argument etc. As scientists learn more they can adapt, strengthen or completely negate previous findings.

This is almost the complete opposite of religion, where faith is used by its followers to uphold a set of unchanging ideals and ideas. Some progressive faith traditions may allow some of their interpretations to change based on changing social structures but will never allow the central tenets to change. Science is constantly changing, and will happily let go of even the most fundamental theories, for example new reinterpretations of the theory of gravity and refinements to the theory of evolution.

Oh yes, and he’s also falling into the “Science is hard therefore I don’t understand it therefore it must be a religion”. Nice.

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