clash of civilizations

Quite an amusing and also sad story on the BBC about a priest who made a hoax bomb alert call to try to get a Madonna show cancelled. He was upset about the fact that she does a mock crucifixion routine in the show, and that this would/could be offensive to Christians.

The priest’s approach would appear to have backfired on several levels – firstly the show went ahead anyway, secondly it just draws even more publicity to the show, thirdly a bomb hoax is pretty darned offensive if you stop to think for just a moment, and hardly a Christian approach to anything, fourthly just grow up and get over yourself and your getting all het up about things being offensive and being all touchy, and finally and perhaps most importantly, he was caught because he made the call from his home phone, so clearly it was a snap for those crafty Dutch police to find out who dunnit.

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