swimming and growing

Last night we took Toby to the Foss Swim School for his first ever swimming lesson and were pleasantly surprised at his confidence and willingness to go in the water and take part. The school came highly recommended by friends, and we were impressed as soon as we arrived at the setup and the enthusiasm of the kids and instructors.

Toby was in a beginners’ class for 3-4 year olds, and there were three kids with the one instructor which is a great ratio. They spent a fair bit of time sitting on the steps at the edge of the pool with feet and legs in the water while they used cups to pour water on themselves, then the instructor supported each of them while she pulled them along to learn how to kick or paddle while using floats. The first couple of seconds of this Toby was quite upset but almost immediately started laughing and shouting “Look Daddy I’m doing it!”. The only thing he really didn’t like was when he had to go on his back, but apart from that we were quite proud. As I was getting him changed afterwards he was saying that he wanted to go again right away and that he missed his coach already.

This morning we took him to the doctor’s for his three and a half year checkup. Fortunately no shots were required but that didn’t stop a bit of grief – he got quite upset when he had to take off his clothes and wear the gown for Dr Williams to check him out. We were reassured that examining screaming kids is a large part of a pediatrician’s day. Toby did a bit better with the sight tests, although he didn’t like wearing an eyepatch to test his eyes independently, but he did very well with the blood pressure monitor and the hearing tests. For the hearing tests he had to wear some 50s looking headphones and after the nurse had demonstrated what the testing machine’s beeps sounded like, he sat with a very intent frown listening for each instance of the sound, and when it came said, “Oh! I hearded [sic] it!” So he seems very healthy as we suspected – everything good and his height and weight are both in the 50th percentile so he’s progressing along just fine.

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