nonsense and nonsensibility

This week at Toby’s school the theme is the five senses. So tonight at mealtime we were asking him about it to see what he’d learned:

Us: Toby, have you been learning about senses at school this week?
Toby: Yes, the five senses.
Us: (somewhat impressed) Nice – can you remember what they are?
Toby: Yes, they are things that you need … when you go to the beach.
Us: ?
Toby: There is your father and your mother and your brother and a baby.
Us: Not, um, touch and taste and…
Toby: Oh yes, we did talk about those too.

So I’m not sure if there was a lot of metaphor used when the teachers described this to the kids, or if his mind was wandering or what, but I think he gets it in a three-year-old sort of way.

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