itunes and ipod

When it came out last week I was very excited to get the new iTunes 7 – it’s got some pretty nice features including the very nice new album browser. However there’s one massive problem I’ve encountered – my iPod no longer plays music purchased from the iTunes store.

I don’t have a whole lot of songs purchased from iTunes – most of them were actually free after I’d bought some plane tickets – but even so, it’s supposed to be my music and it’s not usable on the iPod (they do play on the PC through iTunes but that’s hardly the point). They show up on the iPod’s screen, but when I select one of the purchased tunes it just skips over it after a second or so.

I ran through all the help from Apple but it still doesn’t work at all.

From a quick google, it seems that a number of other people have faced this problem, including one blogger who had a great result in the end. I hope it works out for me too. At the moment I’m less than impressed.

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