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Yesterday I logged a post saying how my iPod was skipping any songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store (now called the iTunes Store because it does videos and stuff now)

I heard back from Apple on the issue I’d logged – the response basically said “I’m an iTunes person and I can’t answer questions about your iPod [even though the form appeared to allow someone to log iPod issues]. Please check the iPod site for help.” This, of course, I had been doing for a couple of days since I found the problem, and Apple’s help was no use.

So I started casting around the user discussions, and most were people saying that they’d had this problem. Eventually I came across a long thread with a
.long potential solution which I thought I’d give a try.

In a nutshell it seems that an authentication file probably vanished from the iPod when I upgraded to iTunes 7/iPod 1.2. The instructions got the file back – it was a bit of a palaver but not that hard and totally worth it. I wrote to the guy who suggested the fix:

Enable the iPod for disk use.

Go to “my computer” and from the tools menu/folder options/view tab, enable “show hidden files and folders” in the advanced settings pane. Open the iPod in “my computer”. Look for a file called “iEKinfo”. Is it there? If so, make a copy of this file and save it somewhere easy to find (the desktop for instance). Do this also with the “iTunes DB” file. Don’t worry if you can’t see these files.

** I had the iTunesDB file, but not iEKinfo. Not sure if that got lost when I upgraded to iTunes 7/iPod 1.2 **

Create a new administrator account. Log out of the current account and log in to the new one. Then restore the iPod to factory settings.

Open iTunes, connect the iPod and set the transfer preferences to manual transfer. Then download the free single of the week from the iTunes Music Store. Verify that song plays in iTunes.

Now, drag this song only to the iPod, and eject the iPod from iTunes and disconnect it from the computer.

Does the song play on the iPod ok? If so, log out of the new user account and log back in to your normal one (the one you have issues with) and reconnect the iPod to the computer. Keep manual transfer selected for the moment. Drag some of the older purchased music (the ones that wouldn’t play before) to the iPod.

Eject the iPod and disconnect it. Do those songs now play ok?

** Yes it worked just great. I had iTunesDB and iEKinfo on the iPod too. Then I set the iPod to automatically update, synced all my music and everything plays like a treat. **

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