We’ve had quite a full house this weekend – our friend Arwen was over for a few days to see people and go to a wedding on Saturday, and Emma’s parents are here too, for a quick visit.

Toby has been revelling in all the goings on – particularly enjoying his grandad being here which is excellent especially as they haven’t seen each other for over a year. There’s been lots of soccer and running about, and Toby has even come to terms with the fact that his grandad calls it football. In fact Grandad is the only person who is allowed to do this.

We were quite impressed with Toby last night – at dinner he said that once he was done he wanted to read his book about the hungry triangle, where a triangle gets bored of having only three corners so gets change into a quadrilateral, but that gets boring so he becomes a pentagon, etc etc until he has so many angles he doesn’t know what to do so decides to go back to being a triangle again. We asked Toby what shape the table was and how many corners it had, and got the correct answer. Then Emma’s dad (a bit of a maths geek) asked how many corners a circle has. Toby’s answer was “it has lots and lots of corners but they are very small [holding his thumb and forefinger very close together] so you can’t see them”.

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