Here’s an interesting story from the BBC: Woman shares terror of vegetables. I used to have an acquaintance in Scotland who had a fear of cheese. Needless to say nobody treated it as much more than a joke but there was one time some of us were having dinner and he showed up during, you guessed it, the cheese course. He was visibly nervous, edgy and pale, especially as we were laughing and someone chased him around the room with some stilton (yes we had had a few drinks).

But there are some pretty serious phobias out there. My friend Richard put up a post ages ago about someone with a fear of pasta which generated 152 comments (the first of which I now see was from me, talking again about the fear of cheese guy). Lots of people with all kinds of phobias – a lot with kids who have fear of buttons. Several also from people who say they have a fear of hearing people eat, especially crunchy foods. I’m not sure if this one is actually a phobia – for me hearing people chew is really gross and makes me quite uncomfortable but I don’t think it goes as far as a phobia.

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