toby photos

Just posted a bunch of new photos. Some were a bit overdue – our trip with friends over the Fourth of July weekend. (Strangely the Fourth of July is the only day of the year Americans refer to in the British way of saying the day then the month – you’d think as it’s all about celebrating independence they might have changed it to July Fourth).

The others were taken just today. Toby was sent a present by his grandad which arrived yesterday – a full Southampton soccer kit, including a ball and kit bag. We happened to have some pretty cool Reebok kids’ size 11 boots which we got him in secret a couple of months ago – they’re still a little large but they work. So we got him all kitted out and we had a great time down at the park. Enjoy the photos, and please ignore the fact that I totally need to update the templates and formatting etc. I’ll find the time one day.

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