new tech

I finally got round to buying a webcam last weekend – it irritatingly doesn’t work with the Mac as well as the PC, but we have it set up in the home office so hopefully we’ll be doing video calls with family soon.

Also because it was bonus week at work last week I finally got a new DVD/stereo. The old one stereo had done really well but the CD player totally wasn’t working and it didn’t integrate totally well with the other things we have – DVD player and TiVo. Well I suppose it did but it was not as easy as it could have been.

So after having done a lot of research for many weeks I decided on the Denon S-101 which is just an excellent machine. I set it up last night and it was all fairly easy. Sound is great, picture quality seems good too and it has some nice features, one of the main ones I’m noticing is that it changes the output processing based on what you’re doing – it’ll do the surround sound for a DVD or TV but will switch to regular stereo for the radio or a CD. Also it integrates really well with the iPod, and actually better than any other system I’ve read about. When you plug in the iPod it displays the iPod screen on the TV, so you can navigate through playlists etc – every other system I looked at would only control play and pause so you had to do the actual selection of a playlist on the iPod itself (and also many others won’t play music you’ve purchased from iTunes). The only very slight criticism is that the port for the iPod connector is on the front and it would have been nice if they’d also hidden one away on the back, but that’s pretty minor. Needless to say the cats were fascinated by all the new unpacking of boxes and clearing out of space and they were also very helpful in the setup process.

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