I was just IMing with my friend Kristi – she was telling me about her trip to the State Fair yesterday where Emma and I also went and spent most of the day and got about 100 pounds heavier on deeply fried food. We also saw a lot of animals, from cute fluffy bunnies to a 1,000 pound pig to some extraordinarily tall horses. And some really fat (short-armed) Minnesotans.

Kristi went to the butterfly tent, which reminded me about a conversation I had with Toby this morning. He was talking about the plants in our garden and how they were recovering from the heavy rainstorm last night. He said, “You know daddy, butterflies go to the flowers and they pick up the … the juice and they take it back to their houses and make the leaves and put them on the trees. From their butterfly hives”.

Bonus Toby story: After the storm he and I wandered over to the Wedge to get coffee and stuff. He was very happy to be wearing his raincoat, and as we were walking back I noticed he was talking into his sleeve. I listened closer: “Hello, is anybody at home? No! Who said that? Me, hand. Don’t be silly, you can’t talk!”

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