Trying to hit the ground running at work today with some success I hope. I had a couple of meetings cancelled so got around to some admin stuff I’d been meaning to do for ages, and I’m even catching up on filing emails – I try to keep at most 30 in my inbox but for the last few weeks it’s been up at around 270.

I think it helps that we had a great weekend. On Saturday we played some soccer in the park with Toby, then I tried to fix the dripping tap/faucet in the kitchen to discover that the thread of the bold which needed to be tightened was worn away, so we needed to get a whole new fixture. So quick trip to Home Depot to get a new one (plus doors for our soon-to-be upgraded bedroom closet) and back home to install. I only needed to go back to the hardware store twice for things I didn’t have which is not a bad rate for a fixing project. I’m quite pleased with myself for replacing it successfully, even though it wasn’t a particularly hard job.

On Sunday I skipped church to go kayaking with a friend – we went around Lake Harriet a bit, then to the river near the soon-to-be-closed Ford truck plant to paddle about and enjoy the workout of going upstream. Also I experienced the fun of staying upright when a speedboat has just zoomed past – I was a bit nervous the first time but it’s actually a really good laugh to bounce a bit. A few of us went out for brunch then we took Toby to a discount cinema to see Cars again – his and my third time and I must admit I’m getting a tad bored with it. He, on the other hand, still loves it and got another Cars themed thing – a flashlight to have in his room in an attempt to keep him from getting up after we’ve finished reading his bedtime stories and turned off his main light. It’s worked two nights in a row, so we’ll see.

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