i’m lightning mcqueen

We just took Toby to see the new Pixar movie, Cars. He’s been kind of obsessed by it for a few months on account of the copious merchandise in Target and other stores – he has branded sandals, bubble bath, stickers and underpants (must-have for the under-5 set). And he had seen the trailers on the computer. He had decided that he is the main character, Lightning McQueen, and every time he saw McQueen in the trailer he would shout “Look! There’s me! Lightning McQueen!”.

This was only his second time at a cinema, but he seemed quite confident and a lot less nervous about the place than first time, and was really into the whole experience. Several times he pointed out that he was indeed Lightning McQueen but on the whole he was quiet and engrossed. For some reason the fact that there was a talking truck was a very big deal for him, something of a surprise to us considering that all the cars and other vehicles also talk. The movie itself, by the way, was pretty good – not the best ever in that the story and some of the characters I thought were kind of flat, but the animation was wonderful so it was certainly worth seeing.

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