organizational stress

So it’s Emma’s birthday tomorrow and a bunch of us wanted to take her for dinner to celebrate, with me booking the table. Apart from the fact that I left it a bit too late to book a table, I’ve had some bizarre conversations with restauranteurs:

Me: Hello, I would like to guarantee that you get some money

Restauranteur: No thanks, why don’t you just turn up and I might deign to serve you

M: Well that’s very kind of you

R: Or I could book you a table at 4pm or 11pm [three places actually said this]

Me: Thank you, goodbye

I don’t get why they won’t take bookings, just don’t get it. I’m sure they think they’re going to be very busy, and probably don’t want to take bookings in case the people don’t show, but even so. I don’t want to hang around for an hour or more till someone tells me that they’re ready to serve me.

But finally I found this place which sounds very nice. They were charming on the phone, took my booking for seven people with no problem (although I got slightly worried if it’s that easy to get a table) and the reviews on the website look excellent.

Now I only have the stress of taking a bunch of people to a place I’ve never been before and hoping that it’s good.

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