a dog named…

We went for Chinese food tonight, but when we got to the restaurant it was all booked up for a big wedding. The staff tried to tell us that we could have a table in the back, but we decided that we felt a bit out of place in our casual clothes, so we got takeout.

At home while we were eating, Toby got a bit wistful-looking. Here’s approximately the conversation:

Emma: Toby, are you all right?
Toby: But… I think I would like to have a dog
E: But you already have two cats
T: Yes, but I would like two cats and a dog.
Andrew: Oh, what kind of dog would you like?
T: A one .. one which is green and white. With green spots, just like a cow
E: And what would you call your dog?
T: Maisie. Maisie the dog.
A: Well that sounds pretty cool.
T: Yes, he will be a good dog for me to have
A: A he? Well you can’t call a boy dog Maisie
E: So what would you call him?
T: I would call him … Tree
E: So would you get up every morning to take him for a walk?
T: Of course. Every morning.
A: I think you have it all planned out.
E: Where would he sleep?
T: We would make .. in a dog cage. A special dog cage that we would make
E: Where would we put the dog cage?
T: In my room. So that he can’t get out.
A: Don’t you think the cats would mind?
T: Yes they would but Tree wouldn’t be scary, he would just say “ruh”
E: What would Tree eat?
T: He would eat shoots of trees. He would use his teeth and his claws to open up the trees and then he would catch a bug which lives in the tree. And he would snap it with his teeth and it would be dead so that then he could eat it.
E: And what kinds of games would he play?
T: He would run and chase me up the stairs. And then he would put his butt in my face and I would say eugh because his butt is all smelly with poo. And the cats wouldn’t like that either because of the poo.
E: Well he sounds like quite an unusual sort of dog. Is he interesting?
T: No, not very interesting. He’s just my dog. Tree.

At this point we thought that we should ask Toby to draw a picture of Tree so that if we ever saw a green and white dog we could buy it. Toby said that no you wouldn’t buy a dog called Tree, so we said that we would just get him and bring him home, which apparently was a good plan. Here’s the picture – guess what the brown is behind Tree’s tail (click on the picture for a larger view):

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