christian behavior

Kent Hovind is a fairly well-known evangelist and slightly rabid denier of evolution, to the extent that he founded a theme park, Dinosaur Adventure Land, where rides and exhibitions apparently prove that the biblical story of creation is 100% true etc etc.

Pity the morals part of the bible didn’t take root – it appears that he has been arrested on federal charges of tax evasion and other things, including impteding an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigation. The article is well worth reading for the guy’s sheer brass neck, and my favorite lines are:

Over Kent Hovind’s protests, the judge took away his passport and guns Hovind claimed belonged to his church.

Hovind argued that he needs his passport to continue his evangelism work. He said “thousands and thousands” are waiting to hear him preach in South Africa next month.

As for the guns, Davis said “ownership was not the issue.”

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