Toby’s been somewhat obsessed with babies lately – a few of his friends at school have baby siblings so I think there’s been a fair bit of chat. And on Friday night we went for dinner at my friend Kyle’s – his wife is expecting their first baby in a week or so, so it was quite the topic of conversation. In fact after dinner, Toby said “What’s that bump there on the lady?” We told him it was a baby in her tummy, to which he replied “Can I see? Can you open it so I can see?”

On the way home from school in the car tonight he had a conversation with Emma about the whole thing – he thought that we should have (actually that we should get) a baby (and we’re not planning to any time soon by the way). Emma asked him how you got a baby, and Toby’s response was “Well, you go to a store and you collect one and it is very very small and you put it in your mouth and it goes down to your tummy and it grows until it is big and then it jumps out and lives with you in your house.” There was some discussion about what we would do with a baby, and where it would sleep. Toby said that it could sleep in his bed with him and he would keep it warm with his warm hands, and in the morning they would jump out of bed together and bounce down the stairs to have breakfast.

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