six years

Yesterday was Emma’s and my sixth wedding anniversary, and I think it was one of the better anniversaries we’ve had. Nice lazy morning, then we took Toby to the zoo for a long time to wear him out – he loved it. Back home we just mooched around until a babysitter came over and we could wander over to Auriga for dinner. It’s a very nice place indeed – not perhaps somewhere you could afford to go every week, or if you’re going for a big meal every month – but great for this occaision where it was worth pushing the boat out. The food was very well done, perfectly cooked and seasoned, the wine was good too. Our server was great, with just the right balance of friendliness and formality – not TGI Friday’s in-your-face but not stuffy either – and he coped very well with the fact that his parents happened to be sitting at the table next to us. They were quite charming and we had a great few conversations about the food and trips to England and Scotland – they seemed to be keen golfers so their Scotland stories generally centered around that. I hope that the waiter wasn’t too mortified, and it was the first time I think I’ve heard someone in a restaurant like that call their waiter “honey”.

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