don(‘t) pablos

We had a bit of an expedition last night after work. We had been given a very generous gift token by Paul and Claire as a thank you for having them stay last month, and decided to invest this in some snowshoes, which seeing as it’s close to 100F out are a pretty good deal right now. The shoes had arrived at the store to pick up so we zoomed down to get them.

Seeing as it was dinner time we decided to try out a chain Mexican-style place which is near the REI store, but I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. It was nice to be out with Emma and Toby, but the place was a bit of a let-down.

First, the waiting area was hot, noisy and dark. The bathrooms were nasty – smelly, liquid all over the floor, cramped. The waiter seemed to be a nice guy but the work was clearly crushing his soul. The salsa with the chips (greasy) was goopy. The fajita steak (mine anyway) was tough, and the food was pretty tasteless. The room was noisy and the tables too close together. And the floors were messy. So not the best ever.

But like I said it was fun to be out with m’family. Toby’s always been really good about going out to eat and it was a pleasure to hang out with him. He didn’t finish his food, so we took it home, which gave me the added pleasure of hearing Toby describe the receptacle. In his world the singular of box is “bock”.

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