soccer in america

Before you read any of my nonsense, please read this from Slate – a very funny primer on the popularity or otherwise of soccer in America. Read it now, then come back.

Back? OK. So World Cup fever is approximately underway in the Mogendorff house. I have gone to the extreme step of voluntarily paying more for cable TV, so that we get ESPN and the TiVo doesn’t miss any games. Actually a fair number of big matches are scheduled to be on ABC, a regular broadcast station, including tomorrow’s England opener which I’ll be watching for sure – starts at 8am, and hopefully a good way to start my birthday.

Two of my brothers, Richard and Robin, were visiting last week, hence lack of posts here, and Toby totally loved it. One of his high points was when we took him to the park to play soccer. I took him there again last night, and he’s getting pretty good for a three year old. I persuaded him to follow the ball after he kicks it rather than standing and waiting for it to stop, so he’s now able to dribble the ball, and does so with fair accuracy and great determination (his general approach to life). He’s also getting more power in his kicking, and really enjoys what he’s doing.

The park experience itself was fun. There was a large, noisy softball game going on, and at first Toby and I were the only people playing soccer at the other end of the grass. However within half an hour several other people had arrived for their own kick-arounds (kicks-around?), interestingly all immigrants like us (or at least me – Toby’s not really an immigrant), while the Americans doggedly kept on with their softball.

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