in texas

I’m in Texas today, visiting our office in Austin. I flew down last night via Memphis – nice easy flight, exactly 43 minutes to change planes which was perfect to get from gate to gate past the Elvis and Sun Records tourist stuff stores. I was upgraded to First on the Memphis – Austin flight – I guess it was nice to have more breadth in the seat, and I got a free glass of wine in an actual glass made of glass, but I wouldn’t have paid the extra for it.

Staying in a pretty nice hotel with a nice spacious room, but it’s a bit of a culture shock having gone from a full house (Paul and Claire and Sam and Lauren are staying for a month before moving back to the UK) to complete silence. It’s always a bit strange getting ready on my own in the morning. It sounds from Emma like Toby didn’t like his established routine of sharing breakfast with Daddy, but I think he coped OK.

Work is good here – I’ve been in some really worthwhile meetings already. Really decent bunch of folks too. They took me out for lunch to a little barbecue place which did a brisket sandwich and a drink for five bucks. Delicious. The place was done up all old-style Texas with wood walls and maps and country music on the stereo. Everywhere there are reminders of the Texasness of the place – the stores and malls are Texas this, Lone Star that.

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