austin day 2

Lots and lots of busy work today. I don’t really like being away from home but if I’m getting a lot of work done it feels more worthwhile. It’s certainly good to be meeting up with my co-workers in the other location.

Last night I was quite wiped so after working till about 8pm I just had a bowl of soup from room service and watched the movie Syriana – really outstanding.

Speaking of food, most people I’ve spoken to have advised me to eat barbecue and Tex-Mex food here. I did indeed have barbecue yesterday for lunch, and today was taken to a rather self-consciously hip little taco place, which does small soft-shell tacos, so you need to have two to make it a lunch. I had a totally delicious fish taco and another tasty one which had pork and spicy sauce. Yum.

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