Sorry for no posts in ages – I had nasty flu last week and over the weekend. Not fun. Anyway, to get things going again, here’s a conversation Toby and Emma had yesterday:

T: Mummy – Armando and Jacob [two boys in Toby's class] love tornados. I love tornados – I wish I could buy one… At the Tornado shop.
E: Toby, do you know what a tornado is?
T: No, but I love them

They then had an explanation session on the tornado – how it is weather like snow, rain or sun. So now Toby can explain that a tornado is very windy and it goes round and round and picks up cows. Big tornados can be very scary but we only get little ones in the city because they don’t like the buildings [this isn't exactly true, but it's helpful if you're an over-imaginative small person]. If a tornado comes we might have to sit in the basement.

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