license to ill

From the news yesterday:Americans ‘more ill than English’ (I notice it doesn’t compare them to the Scots). Here are my thoughts on why this might be the case:

1) Overwork. Americans tend to work more hours than pretty much anyone else. I think that we (I count myself as an American worker) obsess more about work and are “on” much more than British workers – not to say that British workers are slackers, but generally people get more vacation in the UK, and work weeks tend to be a few hours shorter, which adds up.
2) Leisure time. Americans might have a reputation as the people who started “doing” leisure time, but a lot of the time it’s busy leisure – the stereotype is of the parents rushing around taking their kids from one activity to another. I don’t know many people here who just hang around and get bored.
3) Social time. One of the things I miss most here is just going out after work, even for one or two drinks. Americans tend not to do the pint-after-work thing in the same way as Brits, and I think that’s a shame – it’s a great stress reducer.

I have a feeling that diet is probably a part of it too – I reckon Americans probably eat a fair bit more meat and processed foods than Brits. The study says that the numbers aren’t necessarily explained by obesity levels but I have a hunch that more highly processed foods has a fair impact.

Anyone have any other unscientifically proven ideas?

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