If you live outside the US (or even inside) it is likely that you get a somewhat biased view of what “America” thinks, with regard to politics, at home and internationally. And one of the problems with the way people perceive a country is that they generally see that country through the lens of whoever is currently the leader.

So for example over the years I have spoken with several friends back in the UK about “America’s support” for the war in Iraq, social issues etc, where the impression comes across that non-Americans think that American is full of gun-totin’ yee-hawin’ bigots and there’s nothing much else happening. Well, of course there are a few of those people, just as in most countries – you generally have a spectrum of opinions and attitudes (look at support for the British National Party for example) but on the whole and contrary to many media impressions, America is generally a very sane and balanced place. Otherwise I don’t think I’d still be living here.

It’s certainly a lot more sane and balanced than many of those in power right now, and the people are expressing their disappointment more and more. To see this clearly, take a look at these amazing graphs from a poll out today, where you see disapproval for the President at near record levels. One stat which I think supports my view that this country is generally calm and sane is that more and more are finally “getting” that the Republican party (whose leadership have become more and more extreme in recent years) don’t in fact represent their moral values. In fact only 37% of respondents say that the Repubs do share their moral values, and 50% say that the Democratic party does.

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