in orlando

I’m in Orlando, Florida for a few days attending the StarEast software testing conference which is a little bit fun and a big bit useful. First observation is that software testers aren’t the most attractive bunch in the world, but I think that we’re generally better looking than software developers (and we like to set the bar low). I’m staying in the Rosen Centre Hotel which I guess is one of the many conference hotels around here – it’s right next door to the gigantic Orange County Conference Center and there are plenty more hotels within walking distance. It’s all a bit sculpted and landscaped but quite nice – plenty of palm trees and stuff. The strange thing about the hotel is that about 80% of the guests are software geeks and the rest seem to be Brits on vacation – it’s a slightly incongurous mix.

I had a good learning session on test management today, some of which reinforced and reassured about things we’re doing already, and tomorrow a session in improving test methodology and process. Probably not very exciting for people who aren’t in my line of work, but this is why they pay me the medium bucks and I find it quite interesting. The whole point is to make it so that when you’re building software you do it right first time, and even if you think the subject is esoteric and boring it probably has a fairly major affect on your life if you consider all the computer systems which touch your life every day.

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