I’m not sure what to make about this article about the power of prayer, or lack thereof. I do think that it shows the mismatch between faith and science, or faith and reason, for example the “Intelligent Design” movement trying to shoehorn creationism into science. And it also contributes further to my frustration at the people who would have been willing to trumpet the power or prayer if this study had “worked” – suggested that prayer did actually help the patients – and are making excuses for the fact that it clearly didn’t. I get the same feeling with other applications of prayer – if it works then God has answered our prayers, but if it doesn’t then …. who knows? Did you pray wrongly? Not hard enough? Do you just not understand what God wants? How about if your 2 year old child is very ill and you pray for her recovery but she dies anyway? Maybe it’s that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. For me it’s the usual thing that there may be a truth out there, but it gets so distorted by the “religious” that I get very frustrated with the whole situation.

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