toby update

I’ve been really busy – sorry for lack of updates. But here’s a quick list of things which made me really proud of Toby this weekend:

  • We took him out on his new two wheeler bike (with stabilisers of course) on Saturday and he zoomed along with great confidence.
  • I played on the computer with him a bit and his mouse skills were really impressive, plus general following directions.
  • In the middle of playing on the computer, he turned around and said “daddy, this is my right hand, and this is my left” holding out the correct hands as he said it.
  • At church on Sunday morning he spend most of his time playing with his friend Silje (pronounced Silya, approximately) who is about a year older than him and very smart and who doesn’t suffer fools, so it was pretty cool that he kept up with her.
  • We did some drawing on Sunday afternoon – he did a smiling face, then put a beard on its chin and said “daddy, this is a picture of you” – the first time he’s done that.
  • He has slept in his own bed all night (“all night day long” as he says it) three nights in a row.

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