green card

Last time I came back from India I lost my green card somewhere in Chicago airport between immigration and checking in for my Minneapolis flight. Despite talking with security people (who had excellent Chicago cop accents) we couldn’t find it. So I got the replacement green card application form and sent it off with 260 of my hard-earned dollars. Two days later I got a call from the British Consulate in Chicago who said that my card had been sent to them – they were extremely helpful and FedExed the card back to me. I just called the US immigration people to let them know and to ask that they don’t process my replacement card. They’re OK with cancelling the application but unfortunately they had acted with uncharacteristic speed in cashing my check, which is now non-refundable. So I’m down $260 for my carelessness. At least I don’t have to go through lining up in the immigration office for new photos and fingerprints.

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