Sorry about the title, couldn’t resist it.

Things are going quite well here in Bangalore so far. Although I’m missing my Emma and my Toby. Here are some random thoughts and observations:

I have my own office here which is really nice. It looks out on to a bunch of trees – one of the few green areas in this technology park area. Having a window with sunlight is really helping me avoid jetlag, especially considering that I’m 11.5 hours different from home. I woke up at 5ish this morning and stayed awake, and I’m feeling pretty good considering.

Commute is pretty mad – like before the traffic is just insane, Bangaloreans are the worst (at keeping in lanes and obeying the rules of the road) and best (at incredibly avoiding accidents) drivers in the world. Despite all the honking of car/bike/rickshaw horns people generally stay incredibly calm through the madness. We almost got sandwiched between trucks several times on the drive in today.

People watching is also incredible. The mix of people you see waiting for buses is mind-boggling: middle aged men in turbans, sarongs and sandles with stick-thin legs, thin faces and intense eyes; young professional women either in brightly colored saris or modern office clothes, hundreds of young men with moustaches, pleat front trousers and short sleeved shirts with pens in their chest pockets; cooler young men in jeans and sweaters who look almost Italian; tiny schoolkids in uniforms looking street smart and confident as they get through the dust and noise.

Three of us went to a really good place to eat last night – a Goan style restaurant with delicious fish curry. It was quite a smart place where we sat outside surrounded by greenery. There was a party going on in the hotel next door, so loud Indian dance music which was kind of cool and kind of annoying. Kamal said that she, her husband and kids use it as their cleaning music. On the way home a woman knocked on the window of our car when we were stopped at lights, asking for money and pointing at her mouth. All the advice says that you shouldn’t give beggars money but it’s difficult.

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