bangablog 2

A couple of great signs I saw today. Firstly the name of a roadside cafe which was something like Hotel Sri Annaswamilnathalan. The lettering started really large, with plenty of space between the letters, and got more and more squashed as it went through the long name. Great planning ahead there. And another sign was a place belonging to someone called Anu but unfortunately painted with a very small apostrophe between his name and the possessive s.

When I call home I have this deal where I call the office here on my mobile and ask them to connect me to a US number. They’ve got a dedicated link to the US so it’s basically free. Whenever I set up the call, the operator asks me “what is your good name sir?”. I love the term “your good name”.

Another guy arrived from Minneapolis yesterday – he seems really happy to be here and is even out-enthusing me. When we went out to eat last night it was to a newish place – very modern and funky clientele of all ages. We sat at an outside table listening to traffic noise and looking at palm trees. It was about a four block walk from our hotel which was great to do. Last time I was here I just took the car everywhere and felt way too insulated, so it was great to get out and about a little.

Tonight I have to interview someone, otherwise I would totally be going to see Uriah Heep, who are somewhat surreally playing in town. Maybe the fact that Jethro Tull played two weeks ago is more surreal.

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